Mr. Devendra Kumar, Principal

Central Public School has always attempted to pursue the path of excellence in school education and has directed its initiatives and its path of reforms towards providing quality education to the students who joined our school. While it has been the school ’s endeavor to provide holistic education by molding the total personality of a child, it has through its curricular initiatives helped to strengthen the bond of national unity and foster in young mind love for the fellow and to be a good citizen and able member of the society.

We are witnessing tremendous changes taking place around the world on account of globalization, increased interaction and acceleration pace of development in science and technology as also in employment sector, The very goals and definition of education have got to be a part of new strategies and find solutions.

We in our school are trying to play a dynamic role through operation and collaboration in the task of transforming and rejuvenating the goals of education. The total quality management involve a re-engineering of mind sets in the various facets of school education. The force a scene of propose regeneration and action, which will in turn bring about a change in communicate of learning and will make our school a center of excellence.

Let me conclude by reminding that we have reached a crossroad in school education. If we do not decide the direction we should take there is every possibility of our moving in a circle or at best rehashing whatever we have been going for along time in the name of educational reforms. Let us together make a sincere efforts so as to expand the feel of excellence and remember one who is willing to learn.